No-one knows our crops better than our farmers. They, together with our technicians, assess the perfect time to harvest and ensure that the quality of the produce is the best. Tradition and our experts know-how are essential for ensuring that the best vegetables reach the consumer.

Thanks to the fact that we work alongside the local farmers and cooperatives from Ribera Navarra and the Ebro Valley, we can oversee every detail relating to our crops: variety, date when sowed, quality controls and harvesting.

From the best seeds come the best products
We carefully select the variety and quality of seeds that we work with as well as the soil in which they grow. Only in this way our technicians can ensure that our products fulfil all our requisites.
Fields as healthy as our vegetables
When choosing the smallholdings where we work, we look beyond fertility and soil quality. For us, it is also important that our fields have not come into contact with pollutants.
Soils prepared to give of their best
We prepare our fields in a sustainable fashion before sowing to ensure that the plants grow in the best possible conditions. We oversee the soil during the various stages of cultivation to provide for all of its needs at all times.
Harvesting at the perfect time
Our farming experts, thanks to their know-how, determine which is the perfect time to harvest our products. Thanks to them, we can ensure that our fruits and vegetables are at their peak for harvesting.

Our farmers

“Congelados de Navarra select the farmland and the seeds. We work together from the start in overseeing the crops to achieve a quality product. From the land, we are the first chefs”
Alejandro Adrián
Brussels Sprouts - Valtierra (Navarra)
“Congelados de Navarra set the date for harvesting. We harvest at the best time when the vegetables are ripe, at their very best. Our farmlands are near the factory, the transport time is minimal and the vegetables arrive very fresh”
Jose Luis Lacarra
Broccoli - Funes (Navarra)
“Congelados de Navarra advise us to optimize cultivation and the use of water, fertilizers and pesticides. We work closely with them, we are constantly seeking to improve the crops with the minimum use of resources and respect for the environment”
Juan Jesús Floristán
Landazuría en las Bardenas (Navarra)