Calidad y seguridad alimentaria

Quality and food safety

Quality policy

Ensuring Quality and Food Safety lies at the heart of CN Group's strategic approach. We have meticulously developed a Food Safety Culture Plan, focusing on the attitudes, values, beliefs, and shared standards embraced by our entire team.

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Food Safety Culture

"Rules set the facts; culture thrives through human experience" (GFSI)

Attitudes, values, beliefs, and shared norms impact how we think and act regarding Food Safety across our organization.



Food safety

Food safety is a pivotal element within our company's strategy, aligned with its Vision and Mission, ensuring the requisite resources are available to guarantee it.

Assessment tool

We continuously evaluate food safety, aligning with requirements on people, technology, and processes. We employ both internal and external tools, providing the company with great adaptability to change.

Open and clear communication

Clear and transparent communication is vital for sharing and identifying issues. We place significant importance on acknowledging and appreciating contributions and suggestions.


Our people are a critical component dedicated to Food Safety. Our behavior and actions contribute to food safety and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Continuous training

Each role receives tailored training, raising awareness of current and potential hazards. Adequate supervision ensures periodic evaluation of the Food Safety team's performance.

Continuous improvement

All our employees are conscious of hazards and risks, guiding the system towards ongoing improvement.



How we do it

With a personal commitment:

1. Always doing what's right, conveying it throughout the company, and contributing to producing safe food every day.

2. Following good hygiene and handling practices.

We segregate and securely store all foods to prevent cross-contamination, ensuring allergens and non-allergens, raw and cooked items are kept apart. We maintain the cold chain and guarantee the proper functioning of machines and tools that help create safe products.
We engage proactively in training courses, offer insights for ongoing enhancements, and promptly alert the relevant stakeholders to any situation that could jeopardize food safety.

Food defense

Food defense

Unlike the United States, Europe lacks specific legislation addressing "Food Defense". Nevertheless, the CN Group willingly adheres to all necessary measures to safeguard food products from intentional adulteration or contamination by biological, physicochemical, or radioactive agents.
This commitment is achieved through a meticulous food defense procedure, incorporating vulnerability analyses to proactively prevent and control risks across the entire supply chain.

The company's Food Defense plan undergoes annual verification in accordance with GFSI standards,accrediting compliance with all plan-related requirements in IFS, BRC, and FSCC 22000 audits.