Wide range and endless options designed for you
We innovate to meet consumer tastes and lifestyles

We have extensive experience in working with the most demanding national and international retailers. We have an endless number of references and packaging possibilities.

Highest quality, endless possible combinations


At Congelados de Navarra, we always offer maximum flavour and quality. We pamper the product from sowing to harvesting and we take care of the environment with our zero waste policy and promoting recyclable packaging options.


We offer a wide variety of classic and innovative products and we provide different options in terms of processes, cuts and sizes.


We have extensive experience and we are constantly analysing trends and changes in the market to help you launch and establish new and competitive products.


We offer the formats consumers prefer: pillow, BB, microwaveable, bowl, etc.


Our Retail products

Our greatest challenge is to ensure that all our products provide the best solutions for you, which is why we have divided our entire range of products in the following categories:
The usual vegetables that allow you to create dishes like never before.
The finest vegetables for the most demanding palates.
Save time and effort with our culinary solutions.
An exquisite selection of products to finish off your dishes.
A wide variety of dishes designed for easier and faster cooking without sacrificing quality and flavour.
As nutritious and good as fresh fruit. The perfect ally for a creative and natural cuisine.
Our organic vegetables are grown in compliance with the European Regulation on Organic Farming.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What products and mixtures can I choose from?
At CN, we offer a wide range of products and possibilities. You can check all the information here.
Can I customise the products with my brand?
Yes, at CN we can produce products for your brand. Do not hesitate to contact us.
I am looking for a specific product and I can’t find it in the CN ranges, is it possible to develop it?
At CN, we work to offer the best solutions to all our customers. Our team works every day to innovate and develop new products taking into account market trends and our consumers’ needs. If you have an idea, do not hesitate to contact us.
What packaging formats can I use?
At CN, we continue working to offer the best options and the most innovative packaging to all our customers. We can pack in pillow, block bottom, gusset, doy bags or bowls, also in microwaveable format and different finishes. See our packaging options here.
Would we have to pick up our order at the CN facility or will it be shipped to us?
At CN, we have a very agile distribution network and we work every day to improve our services. See the options here.
Is CN an eco-friendly company?
At CN, we have a sustainability programme that guarantees that all our crops are grown in an environmentally friendly way. We continue to work to improve, we use renewable energy and we manage our interaction with the environment as part of an eco-friendly policy. For more information, visit our Sustainability Policy
How can we know about the traceability of a product and where has it been grown?
A mobile app is used to register and access information on each plot of each farmer’s crop; the harvests on each plot are also registered and linked to their plot of origin. The traceability of the harvested vegetables is monitored at the factory through different digital tools, with records and controls being kept throughout all stages of the process, including deep-freezing, packaging and dispatch. In this way, the crop is linked to the product that reaches the client or consumer.