Sustainability Strategy

First company in the food sector to achieve the certification endorsing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in its own Management System

Sustainability report

Commitment to farmers
At CN, we know that no-one knows our crops better than our farmers. Thanks to those farmers, who work together with our agronomic department, we can control every detail of our harvest: variety, sowing date, quality controls and harvesting, to ensure that the best vegetables reach your home.

From the best seeds come the best products

We carefully select the variety and quality of seeds that we work with as well as the soil in which they grow. Only in this way our technicians can ensure that our products fulfil all our requisites.

Fields as healthy as our vegetables

When choosing the smallholdings where we work, we look beyond fertility and soil quality. For us, it is also important that our fields have not come into contact with pollutants.

Soils prepared to give of their best

We prepare our fields in a sustainable fashion before sowing to ensure that the plants grow in the best possible conditions. We oversee the soil during the various stages of cultivation to provide for all of its needs at all times.

Harvesting at the perfect time

Our farming experts, thanks to their know-how, determine which is the perfect time to harvest our products. Thanks to them, we can ensure that our fruits and vegetables are at their peak for harvesting.

Pillars of sustainability


Use of renewable energies in the long run

In the next 5 years, 100% of the energy consumed in our main plants will come from renewable and photovoltaic energies.

Circular economy

The vegetable remains generated at our plants have a second life: Feeding livestock in our area and being sent to waste cogeneration plants for the generation of biogas.

Recirculation and reuse of water

In 2018, we built a wastewater treatment plant to improve the quality of waste water.

Sustainable Pest Plan in crops:

Responsible use of fertilisers and pesticides. Proper irrigation water management. Management of waste generated in the field (biodegradable materials). Selection of more productive varieties and contribution to the maintenance of biodiversity.

Clean labels

No use of preservatives, artificial colours or flavourings

Transport optimisation

Through the specific design of logistic routes and pallet formats.

Recycling process

Of all the plastic and cardboard generated in our plants.

A firm commitment to what surrounds us

Commitment to quality

Our commitment to quality is part of our culture from our very beginnings. Quality in our products and in the processes and systems of production guaranteed by the most demanding quality certificates such as IFS, …

Commitment to the environment

The respect for the source, the use of more sustainable production and cultivation methods, the optimisation of water use, the appropriate management of our waste and the circular economy are the principles that guide us to develop products with vegetables that are totally environment friendly.

At CN, we also use 100% recyclable packaging.